Patient Stories

POLST Education Videos

Welcome to our videos page! Our Video Library includes:

  • POLST Stories — Patient Stories about POLST;
  • Educational POLST Videos, which include POLST: Doing it Better, an introduction to National POLST, Overviews of POLST, tips on Having the Conversation, and many state-specific videos on POLST;
  • Webinars that discuss specific aspects of POLST, such as The Role of POLST in the Care of People with Dementia, EMS’s Vital Role with POLST, Models for Creating, Developing and Sustaining State POLST Programs, OHSU’s ePOLST Implementation Process and Lessons Learned, etc.

You may also be interested in viewing the National POLST channel on YouTube. At YouTube, the same videos and many more available via our YouTube Playlists. You may also opt to subscribe to the National POLST YouTube channel.