Strategic Plan

National POLST Collaborative Strategic Plan

National POLST Collaborative, the organization, was born in 2004.  It has been a grassroots movement of state programs coming together to support efforts growing adoption of the POLST paradigm.  Nearly 20 years later, we are ready to advance the use of the POLST process through a national vision of best processes about quality shared decision-making conversations for those facing serious, advancing illness and frailty.

Our Mission:

  • We engage stakeholders in the adoption of quality shared decision-making conversation models for the seriously ill in all states and nationally.
  • We promote programs that honor treatment preferences and goals of care, resulting in actionable, portable medical orders for the seriously ill.

Our Vision:

Creating a world where all persons living with serious, advanced illness and frailty, have access to shared decision-making conversations regarding values and treatment preferences, reflected in a portable, standardized medical order set.

Our Goals:

I.  Review and revise the organizational structure of the National POLST Collaborative. 

II.  Create and implement a sustainability plan that offers a broad revenue structure to support the work

III.  Develop and implement a structure and process for review and adoption of POLST forms by the states.

IV.  Review, revise and refine our state review program as needed to support our value of inclusivity of all states committed to this work on the state and national level.

V.  Develop and implement a plan for collaborating with strategic partner organizations to advance the vision on a national level.

VI.  Maintain strong online national resources and social media presence as a focus of our communication strategy.

Read the NPC Strategic Plan HERE