One of the central purposes of National POLST is to share the collective knowledge of POLST Programs nationwide to foster the development and improvement of POLST Programs. To further this goal, the educational resources section of the website provides a broad array of materials to help developing programs foster POLST in their states.

Are you aware of a resource we haven’t listed? If you are doing research or creating an article about POLST, please contact us to let us know!

National POLST Resources:

  • Legal Resources designed to help identify potential legal barriers of POLST Program development and provide guidance for moving past potential barriers.
  • Policies, statements and recommendations formally approved by National POLST.
  • Research includes an exhaustive list of citations of academic research studies on POLST.
  • Videos include:
    • POLST Stories, which include patient stories about POLST;
    • Educational POLST Videos.
    • Webinars.
    • POLST and Religion includes our white paper on POLST Philosophical Principles, and many articles and resources from the Catholic Health Association, on POLST, Advance Care Planning, and end-of-life care planning specifically.