Statement Against Racial Injustice

Especially in light of recent events, including the deaths of George Floyd and others, National POLST condemns racism, both systemic and overt. This amounts to, among other injustices, a public health crisis. We join our state program leaders and national partners in supporting the protection of human rights, the reduction of health care disparities and improving access to person-centered, interdisciplinary care among all populations, with a focus on minority and underserved populations.

Everyone is entitled to high-quality health care where their own uniqueness and values are respected. A fundamental component of the POLST process is the conversation between the patient and their health care professional(s) prior to the completion of a POLST form that is specific to that patient. We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to discuss their goals and values, to understand the benefits and burdens of treatment options available to them in context of their specific medical condition, diagnosis, and prognosis. And to be a partner in making their treatment decisions.

National POLST is committed to promoting equality and improving the health and well-being of all persons living with serious illness or advanced frailty, their friends and loved ones, and the health care professionals caring for them, regardless of race, color, religion, national origin or citizenship status, geography, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, age or socioeconomic status.

As an organization we will:

  • Reevaluate and revise our policies, mission, strategic plan, and messaging to promote racial equality.
  • Urge everyone to delve into education and advocacy to help us each better identify, understand, and correct the perpetuation of discrimination. Suggested resources to be posted online.
  • Place conscious effort into recruiting into our workforce, committees, and other roles a diverse population reflective of those we serve.

Education and Advocacy Resources Against Racial Injustice:

Statements from Partner Organizations: