POLST Registries

POLST State Registries Map

State Registries that include POLST Program leaders and where the goal of the registry is to be statewide

POLST Registries Comparison Matrix

National POLST Survey Results (2021)

ONC-HIT POLST Registries Report

Electronic End-of-Life and POLST Documentation Access through Health Information Exchange (HIE) report from the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (2018)

Pathways to POLST Registry Development: Lessons Learned

Project supported by the Retirement Research Foundation and Archstone Foundation (2012)

State POLST Registry Resources

For those interested POLST Registry development, here are reports, webinars, and web pages from various states’ POLST Programs:


  • POLST Registry in California (2020): web page
  • Recommended Practices for Exchange of Electronic POLST Information (2020): PDF
  • POLST Registry | Project Status, Update, and Future (2020): Webinar


  • POLST Registry Advisory Committee Report (2020): PDF

New York

  • Digital Transformation of New York MOLST (2016): YouTube, 60 min
  • IPRO eMOLST with demo (2016): WebEx WRF Player required, 128 min
  • NYSDOH Attorney’s Perspective on eMOLST (2015): YouTube, 2 min
  • eMOLST: A Nursing Home Physician’s Perspective (2014): YouTube, 7 min
  • eMOLST Overview (2012): YouTube, 5 min


  • POLST Registry Annual Reports and Publications (2010- ): web page
  • OHSU’s ePOLST Implementation Process and Lessons Learned (2016): YouTube, 60 min