Press Releases

July 2021: POLST CDA Technology Project

National POLST and Lantana working together on POLST CDA

February 2021: New York Times Article

Emphasizing the Need for POLST Education

October 2020: POLST Website Redesign

National POLST and Naveon partner on POLST website

September 2020: POLST Video Statement

July 2020: AMDA Endorses a National POLST Form


September 2019: National POLST Releases First National POLST Form

May 2018: National POLST Announces Change in Relationship with Oregon POLST Coalition


May 2016: California POLST Program Achieves Mature Status


January 2016: Virginia POST Program Achieves Endorsed Status

May 2015: Maine POLST Program Achieves Endorsed Status


June 2014: JAGS Publishes Landmark Study on POLST