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COVID-19 Policies

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Appropriate POLST Use Policy (2022)

Conflict of Interest Policy (2018)

Conflict of Interest Policy FAQs (2018)

Distinguishing POLST from Medical Aid In Dying (2021) 

Ethical Principles & Standards (2021)

Incentive and Quality Assurance Policy (2020) 

POLST Intended Population and Guidance for Health Care Professionals (2018)

Public Policy Principles (2017)

Recommendations for Integrating POLST Forms with Electronic Health Records (2021)

Statement Against Racial Injustice (2020)

Statement on Cost Avoidance (2022)

Support for Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants Signing POLST Forms (2016)

The Seven Core Elements of Sustainability for State POLST Programs (2013)

Trauma Guidance (2021)

Guidance for Honoring a POLST During Severe Trauma