Past Leaders

Thank you

Many thanks to those individuals who previously served on the Leadership Council and as Plenary Assembly Officers. Learn more about our leadership, including the current members of Leadership Council and the Plenary Assembly. You may also view our organizational chart.

Past Leadership Council members:

Aretha Delight Davis, MD, JD  — Leadership Council Member, 2017 – 2021
Bruce Smith, MD, MACP, HMDC
— Plenary Assembly Representative, 2019-2021
Sandy Seversen, MD — Plenary Assembly Representative, 2019-2021
Judy Thomas, JD — President, 2017-2020; Past President, 2020-2021
Judy Black, MD — Plenary Assembly Representative, 2017-2020
Richard Cohen, MD — Plenary Assembly Representative, 2017-2019
David Longnecker, MD, 2017-2019
Kimberly Paul, 2017-2020

Past Plenary Assembly Officers:

Judy Black, MD — Plenary Assembly Chair, 2017-2020