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2021 March

  • National POLST Maps and Charts updated!
  • April 13 Webinar: Overview of POLST Technology Project
  • Hickman et al. explore POLST Concordance in two 2 studies in JAGS
  • Digital Media & Branding Webinar from March

2021 February

  • West Virginia adapted the National POLST Form.
  • New York Times article emphasized the need for POLST Education.
  • February 11 Webinar: Experiences in Re-housing POLST Programs.
  • March 16 Webinar: Branding, Web and Social Media Tips for POLST Programs.
  • Research study in Laryngoscope: EOL practice patterns in head and neck cancers.
  • Research study in American Journal of Hospice and Palliative Care: The Role of Regional and State Initiatives in Nursing Home ACP Policies.
  • Forum Topic of the Month: POLST and Code Status.

2021 January

  • Join our 21-Day Racial Equity Habit-Building Challenge!
  • Register for Webinar: Experiences in Re-Housing POLST Programs
  • Watch Webinar: How We Adopted and Are Using the National POLST Form
  • Evaluation of a Toolkit to Improve Dementia ACP
  • EMS Online Medical Direction in Emergency EOL Decision-Making
  • Forum Topic: Reminder to Plenary Assembly Members: Please review our draft policies!

2020 December

  • Register now for our Webinar: How We Adopted and Are Using the National POLST Form
  • Watch the Webinar on POLST Legislative Challenges
  • Rapid Implementation of eMOLST Using Telehealth in the COVID-19 Pandemic (NEJM Catalyst Innovations in Care Delivery)
  • Forum topic: How does your POLST Program stay on top of legislation?

2020 November

  • Check out our new Incentives and Quality Assurance Policy
  • Webinar 11/18: Making POLST work when legislation is less than ideal
  • POLST Concordance in Nursing Homes in Journal of General Internal Medicine
  • Seeking input!
    • Should we say “patient” or “person”?
    • Your feedback still wanted on our draft Trauma Policy!

2020 October

  • National POLST partners with Naveon, adding videos to revised POLST website
  • New Directory of POLST Programs on the National POLST website
  • How COVID changed Advance Care Planning: Insights from West Virginia in Journal of Pain and Symptom Management
  • Your feedback wanted on our Draft Trauma Policy!

2020 September

  • National POLST releases statement about celebrity video featuring POLST
  • National POLST Patient Resources
  • Improving Medical-Legal Advance Care Planning
  • Forum Topic: Witness Signatures on POLST

2020 August

  • Non-English speaking use of POLST
  • New Hampshire POLST Program adopts National POLST Form
  • Register for NASEM workshops on Advance Care Planning
  • Appropriate Use of POLST in the Outpatient Setting

2020 June/July

  • National POLST denounces racism
  • AMDA resolution supports National POLST Form
  • National POLST welcomes new Leaders!
  • Updated National POLST Logo Information and Organizational Chart

2020 May

  • C-TAC webinar, AMDA podcast feature POLST during COVID-19
  • National POLST COVID-19 Resources page
  • “A Video Decision Aid to Reduce Decisional Conflict in POLST Decision-Making,” coauthored by Woody Moss, in Journal of Palliative Care.
  • Forum Topics: Updates to using Teleheath for ACP and DocuSign for POLST