National POLST Paradigm Strategy approved

On May 4, 2016, the National POLST Paradigm Task Force approved a business strategy for the National POLST Paradigm. A core group of six POLST leaders, including Judy Thomas (California), Amy Vandenbroucke (National POLST Paradigm), Richard Cohen (Georgia), Pat Bomba (New York), David Koets (Colorado), and Susan Nelson (Lousiana) worked with media consultant Kris Austin on the strategy.

Highlights include:

  • A new National POLST Paradigm organization based in Washington DC, emphasizing our national focus, and to help build and strengthen relationships with our national partners.
  • Separation from Oregon Health & Science University and the Oregon POLST Paradigm Program, forming an independent legal entity.
  • A New Governance Model, with an administrative Governing Board, Plenary Council to assist with programmatic concerns, and an Advisory Council.
  • Academy: A POLST Academy comprised of national POLST education resources for state POLST Paradigm Leaders, that shall create courses for credit for other professionals relative to POLST.
  • Transparency, including acknowledging in-kind contributions to National POLST Paradigm. A provision to open up funding sources to industry, provided alignment of organizational missions and complete transparency.

Five Key Goals of the National POLST Paradigm were defined within this strategy:

  1. Support states in implementing and maintaining POLST Paradigm Programs that comply with national quality standards.
  2. Educate and train health care and other professionals about POLST and how it fits into advance care planning.
  3. Build public awareness of the National POLST Paradigm and the role of POLST in advance care planning.
  4. Educate and advocate for national policies, regulations and payment systems that support quality implementation of the Paradigm.
  5. Strengthen the sustainability of efforts to advance the POLST Paradigm and the leadership capacity of the National POLST Paradigm Office.

View the Strategic Plan.