Webinar videorecording available online: New York’s eMOLST (5/25/16)

New York’s eMOLST was the topic of the National POLST Paradigm Office’s first 2016 webinar, presented on May 25, 2016, at 12 pm PDT / 1 pm MDT / 2 pm CDT / 3 pm EDT. Patricia Bomba, MD, FACP, and Katie Orem, MPH, discussed the electronic POLST Registry system in New York. Below is a summary and objectives of their presentation, eMOLST Webinar: Digital Transformation of NY MOLST an End-of-Life Care Transition Program.

New York has had an operational web-based eMOLST application and electronic registry since 2011. New York’s eMOLST allows providers to electronically complete the goals for care discussion, follow the ethical framework and all legal requirements to complete a MOLST form, including physician signature, online from NYSeMOLSTregistry.com. This web-based application also serves as the registry of MOLST forms for New York State so providers can retrieve a patient’s eMOLST and pick up where their colleagues may have left off in the discussion or review/renew the eMOLST form at a care transition.

New York’s eMOLST is easy to use, improves clinical and legal outcomes, and provides a community solution to ensure the medical orders and a copy of the discussion is available in an emergency and across care transitions.


  • Examine why there are failures in following MOLST orders and review recommendations for improvement, including eMOLST
  • Define eMOLST, a tool to assist patients and providers with end of life decisions
  • Discuss how eMOLST improves quality and patient safety, ensures accessibility, and achieves the triple aim
  • Demonstrate eMOLST

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