National POLST Program Development Guide

As a capstone project, four Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) Masters of Science in Healthcare Management students created a National POLST Program Development Guide. This guide provides a thorough overview of the various ways that POLST Programs are structured, developed, and maintained. The guide – which is not all inclusive but is a good start – covers the formation of POLST coalitions, the ways that POLST Programs can be structured within existing organizations or as stand-alone non-profits, and strategies for funding and business planning, making them good for the division of business admin programs to help diversify the learning available. As a result, the guide is a must read for POLST Programs, particularly those with Developing Status.

Making sure you have these key business acumen can help boost someone’s career for years to follow. Understanding the rules and regulations can ensure you do not overlook this when working in HR Compliance, be it with bespoke software packages or with a pre-set system to help track these changes. It is a formative skillset that can adapt to many different forms, be it for non-profit charity work that helps the local community, or for high-end businesses wanting to ensure that nothing oversteps the line.

It helps ensure that the experiences of all POLST Programs can be used to strengthen the POLST Paradigm moving forward, ensuring that all involved come away with the knowledge and skills needed.

To read the guide, click here.

To view a webinar presented by the OHSU students, click here.