POLST Featured in ABA Journal

BiFocal, a journal of the American Bar Association’s Commission on Law and Aging recently published an article that clarifies the differences between POLST Forms and Advance Directives. The article, written by NPPTF members Amy Vandenbroucke, Susan Nelson, Pat Bomba, and Woody Moss, provides clear comparisons between the documents to help providers and patients understand when each should be used.

In addition, the article clears up potential confusion about the POLST Paradigm. For example, the authors emphasize the importance of NPPTF endorsement, noting that “States not endorsed may still use POLST terminology (or something similar) in developing their programs but they have not shown they meet the NPPTF’s established standards.”

This is an excellent article for POLST Programs to share with media outlets or providers to explain the need for the POLST Paradigm and the appropriate use of POLST Forms.

To read the full article, click here.