POLST Programs Achieve Milestones

Several POLST Paradigm programs achieved important milestones this week.

Georgia became the 16th state with an Endorsed POLST program. Endorsed POLST programs exist in states where POLST is the preferred practice for advance care planning for persons with advanced illness or frailty. In addition, Endorsed programs have effective coalitions engaged in POLST education, quality improvement, and implementation. To learn more about Georgia’s POLST program, click here.

Oregon’s POLST program and West Virginia’s POST program became the first POLST paradigm programs to achieve Mature status. Mature POLST programs exist in states in which POLST is implemented statewide and is used in a majority of hospitals, nursing homes, and hospices. In addition, more than 75% of EMS services must have POLST protocols for a state to achieve Mature status. To learn more about Oregon’s POLST Program, click here. To learn more about West Virginia’s POST program, click here.

Congratulations to the coalitions responsible for the success of these programs. The expansion of the POLST paradigm in these states helps ensure that the wishes of those with advanced illness or frailty are honored.