Oregon POLST Utilized Out-of-State

The Oregon POLST Registry (OPR) was used on behalf of an Oregon resident who was travelling out-of-state. The registry helped ensure that the patients’ wishes were known to health care professionals caring for the patient. From the OPR Website:

On March 1, 2013, the Emergency Department at Crook County Memorial Hospital in Sundance, Wyoming contacted the Registry to check on a patient’s POLST orders. A facility nurse related that, “the patient’s [spouse] had some paperwork with them since they were travelling, but asked us to call the Oregon POLST Registry where the patients’ form was on file.” The staff at the facility praised the Oregon POLST Registry staff for their help with this patients’ care. The Emergency Communications Center and the Registry staff were able to quickly respond to this unusual request, helping to ensure that this Oregonian, even while traveling, was able to receive the level of care they desired.